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New Zealand is the country known for its peaceful environment and is recognized as the most preferred destinations amongst international immigrants from around the globe. It is one of the most beautiful countries and also one of the hardest to get in because of the redundant rules and regulations for immigration purposes. But it has also been welcoming throughout the years despite being difficult for immigrants in terms of occupation, inhabitancy and education, healthcare, too.

It is known for its greenery and is a pinnacle for peace, an epitome of everything good in the world and definitely an ideal place for immigrants to work, study or reside in – for all the benefits the country provides on the basis of business, safety, environment and education.

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As we already mentioned that because of the stringent rules and requirements, this country has proven from time to time to be difficult to gain access for; but with the help of MAPLECAN VISAS you can! (Pun intended!).

At MapleCan Visas, we do not just make the whole process of immigration to New Zealand seamless, but we also believe in making a bond with our clients – to make our clients a part of the family that is MapleCan Visas. We love putting our everything into our work and the results that we get are just a proof of that theory, which then reflects onto our clients’ faces. We will not just make this journey of yours a smooth sailing one, we also promise to walk you through all the questions that you have, and to do the work for you – and since, honesty and authenticity are the songs that we swear singing to by our hearts, you will not be disappointed in us or our work.

New Zealand Immigration gives you the opportunity to reside there through a New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa application – imagine, with our help you cannot just work in New Zealand but also live there, and we are here to do all the technical work for you and help you understand all the rules and requirements. MapleCan Visas helps you to check your eligibility for the New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa through a small free Visa Assessment.

Applicants have to meet some requirements such as:

  • Age should be 55 years or less
  • Must speak English
  • Health conditions should be good
  • Should have no criminal records

MapleCan Visas also helps you get the PERMANENT RESIDENCY for the beautiful country that is New Zealand.

There are also a few advantages of having a NEW ZEALAND PERMANENT RESIDENCY:

  • You can freely travel once the PERMANENT RESIDENCY is obtained, meaning, you can enter and leave New Zealand whenever you want.
  • With a New Zealand permanent residency visa, you have unrestricted rights to freely reside, study and work in NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA.
  • New Zealand PERMANENT RESIDENCY holders are also entitled to get medical and social security benefits, as per the country’s rules and regulations.
  • You are also to get New Zealand citizenship after completing a stipulated time period. In addition any child born there becomes a citizen by birth.

Contact the best New Zealand Immigration Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from MapleCan Visas to know how to migrate to New Zealand on a Skilled Migrant Visa and Work Permit. Whatever we consult, the whole process will be based on New Zealand Immigration current and latest rules and regulations.

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